Mughan Plain

Position and Area of Mughan

Mughan region or Moghan Plain (Mughan Steppe) is located in the center of Azerbaijan and its area is about 5226/9 KM, which covers about 5% of the total area of Azerbaijan. This area is limited from the north and east to the Republic of Azerbaijan from the south to the city of Khiyav (Meshgin Shahr) and from the west to Qaradagh.

The Mughan Plain (Turkic: Muğan Düzü, Mugan or Muqan) is known as the ever-green plain of the Azerbaijan. It is one of the important hubs of agriculture and vegetable growing in Azerbaijan.

Due to fertilization of the soil – favorable temperature and a special place the plain of Mughan is under the cultivation of a variety of grains and wheat, so because of this it is known as granary of Azerbaijan.

Mughan is one of the old civilizations and its people were in the process of evolution of history, which is a precious gift to the treasure of civilization and global culture.

Historical and cultural monuments of Mughan 

Naderi Hill: (King Nader Afshar)

Naderi massive hill is located in the southwest of Aslanduz Mughan, at the confluence of the Araz River and Qareh Su (Valley of the River). The height of this hill is 30 meters and its surrounding area is about 1500 meters and its length is 120 meters and its width is about 100 meters.

Oltan castle

۵۰۰ meters far from Oltan or Ultan village, it is located near the Araz River (Aras) and is located on a flat area of 800 * 400 meters. Around the castle is surrounded by a large adobe wall measuring 92.5 meters.

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Old cemeteries of Mughan

Near Aslanduz there are cemeteries such as Qush Otaran, Qulu Beyglu, Afji, Gedaylu, Korlar Korabbaslu which date back to the first millennium BC.


Moghan Shahsevan tribesmen

These people are hospitable, intimate, intimate, innocent, hardworking and solid. Indigenous peoples who are self-sufficient and rich in culture. Despite all the problems and shortcomings, they have managed to keep up.


Economy of Mughan

The main activity of the Mughan is in the agricultural sector and then in the service sector. Mughan economy is based on agriculture, animal husbandry, and factory industry and service sector and due to the favorable climate conditions and fertile land, it is considered as one of the important poles of agriculture in Azerbaijan.


Mughan crafts

From old times Carpet weaving, Varni (Verni) and Rug (Kilim) has been commonplace in this area.


Mughan Attractions

Mughan Khoruslu Habitat

Agha Baba Natural Habitat

Hasan Darasi Habitat

Mughan-Aslanduz cemetery

Mughan Kurabbaslu korlar cemetery

Mughan-town Dam Lake

Beautiful Araz riverside


Mughan Language

Its language is Turkic- Azerbaijani