March 2, 2022
March 2, 2022

Khalkhal (Hirov Abad) is a mountainous region with a beautiful and beautiful nature located in the southern part of Ardebil province, and its center is Khalkhal or Heroabad. This city With 85 percent of the forests in the province of Ardabil, is limited from north to the city of Kosar, from the east to Gilan province, from the south to Zanjan province and from the west to the Miyaneh the city of East Azerbaijan.

The weather of the district of Khalkhall is very cold on the eastern part, and moderate in the north and the south.

The most important tourism attractions of the district are as following:
Abgarm Khushnameh hot water spring and hot Mineral Water in Garmuhaneh village.
Imamzadeh Meerzaman and Sayyed Ibraheem located in Khams village.
Shrine or Danyal which is located in khanqaah village.
Mosque of Jami and Masji Nur located in Khams village.
Ghaar Tarikhi Yakhkan (historical cave) which is located in Gandum Abad village.
Haft Khaneh cave located in Garmkhaneh village.

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