Naderi Hill
January 9, 2020
Parsabad Mughan
January 9, 2020

Oltan castle

Ultan or Oltan castle is 500 meters from Ultan village and 3 kilometers from Parsabad Mughan near Araz (Aras) River. The castle is 320 thousand square meters and its appearance is similar to military castles. It seems that the fortresses of the first castle were Parthian, but due to its strong strength, the castle was used until the 12th century AH and this is confirmed by the various clay obtained from various Islamic periods.

Oltan Castle , in Azarbaijani language (Oltan Qalasi) is located 12 km from Pars Abad and on the border of Aras (Araz) border river. Oltan is an ancient site on the south part of the Aras River, less than 500 meters west of a village called Oltan.

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